How To Manage Your Holiday Stress

Holiday stress already upon you?

Wondering how you’re going to juggle all those balls, cook all that food and buy all those gifts? Shopped ‘til you dropped? Can’t stand the heat in your own kitchen? Can’t remember the last time you sat down, never mind relaxed?

We’re here for you. Take 5 and read our guide to crushing your Holiday Stress before it crushes YOU.


How To Manage Your Holiday Stress


1. Delegate & Accept Imperfection

Forget about whether someone is going to do things the right way; the way you’d do it, or ever vaguely competently – just hand over whatever jobs or chores you can. No one has ever died from a badly arranged bunch of flowers, or slightly crumpled laundry. Forget things being perfect and just rope in helpers to deal with the little satellite jobs that you don’t have bandwidth for.


2. Remember What Matters

The potatoes not being creamy enough. The turkey being slightly overdone. Buying some super-cute pink kitten-ear headphones for your niece, only to discover that she became a goth last week – none of it matters. Try to get perspective in the moment – keep reminding yourself that what the holidays are about is spending time with the people you love. No one cares that you forgot to glaze the carrots, they really don’t.


3. Defuse Moments of Holiday Stress

If you find yourself about to move into a moment of panic or holiday stress, force yourself to say or do something positive or humorous. Likewise, if you think that someone else is getting stressed, step in kindly and help them to move on from the moment. Distract them with a compliment or comment about something completely unconnected to give them an off-ramp from the source of the stress.


4. Get Some Sleep

Holidays can often mean late nights, drinking more alcohol than usual and eating richer, heavier foods. All these factors contribute to a disrupted sleep cycle. Feeling tired makes you feel less resilient and more vulnerable to Holiday Stress taking hold. Make sure that you get to bed at a regular time wherever possible, cut back on the booze, drink plenty of Tyent Alkaline Water, and listen to your body when it says enough.


5. Minimize & Manage Holiday Stress with Tyent Alkaline Water

Thousands of people every year discover how Alkaline Water from a water ionizer can help them feel stronger, healthier and more able to manage Holiday Stress.

It’s not a mystery how this works. Tyent Alkaline Water is enriched with naturally occurring molecular hydrogen and helps with all these key areas of your life:


Tyent Alkaline Water & You

Make time for yourself over the festive period to help you manage Holiday Stress. Drink Tyent Alkaline Water to support your mind, mood and body, and enjoy this special time with your favorite people.

Do you have some tried and tested ways to manage Holiday Stress? Please share them!




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