Why Your Dentist Dreads Christmas!

Okay, maybe not dreads Christmas.  But dentists are hyper aware of the damage that sweet things such as candy and soda do to our teeth.  

Therefore Christmas, arriving as it does, on a fresh wave of sweetness in the wake of that great testament to candy itself, Halloween, poses all kinds of threats to our teeth unless we take extra good care of them.

This is the stuff of nightmares for your dentist!
The Usual Suspects

As well as sugar, many people often consume more alcohol than usual around the holidays.  Alcohol attacks teeth in two ways: firstly with the sugar it contains and secondly with acid, which damages enamel.  

So you clean your teeth and visit your dentist.  But what else can you do, especially during the holiday season?

Understand Why Sugar Harms Our Teeth

Sugar itself doesn’t harm teeth.  What it does is to start a process inside your mouth.  The sticky bacteria we call plaque, forms in your mouth constantly.  Sugar stimulates the bacteria to produce acid.  The more sugar you eat, the more acid is produced.  It’s that sugar-fueled acid that damages your teeth.

Every time you eat sugar, plaque will produce enamel-damaging acid for around 20 minutes.   

“An excess of acidifying foods is a nightmare for your oral health. Acidifying foods eat away at the enamel on your teeth, the hard, mineral layer that covers them. Once the enamel is damaged or destroyed, it doesn’t grow back, leaving teeth unprotected from acids and plaque.”

~  Dr J Levine DMD PC.  Professor NYU School of Dentistry

How Can Tyent Water Help Your Teeth?  

Drinking water from your Tyent Water Ionizer can really help to keep your teeth healthy.

Wetting your toothbrush with alkaline water and using it as a mouthwash (as well as drinking it!) all help to neutralize the acids that attack the structure of your teeth.  

It really can make a huge difference to the cycle of sugar/plaque/acid that occurs every time we reach for the candy!

Have Your Cake and Eat It!

Moderation in all things is usually a reasonable strategy to adopt, so if you’re tempted by that second helping of pudding or a glass of wine to toast the season, then follow it up swiftly with a glass of Tyent alkaline water.  

Tell Us the Tooth!

Do you have any awesome strategies for getting the kids to keep their teeth super-clean over the holidays when there’s all that candy around?  We’d love to hear them!

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