Forget Detox. It’s Time to Pretox.

Detox is for January.  We will reach those cold, post-Christmas days soon enough.  Our glittery Christmas dress hung away, its sparkle dimmed at the back of the closet and the freezer filled with little vacuum packs of turkey.

Woman sleeping peacefully...
Get some Zzz’s in while you can!

But for now, the buzzword is Pretox.

Prepare Your Body

From now until the start of the Christmas frenzy is the perfect time to prepare your body for the onslaught of less sleep, more socializing, rich food and higher levels of alcohol than you perhaps usually consume.

In order to feel strong and healthy over the holidays, so that you’re always up for more festive fun, follow our five-point Pretox checklist!

  1. Get some sleep in. Sleep as much as possible.  Go to bed an hour earlier if you can, half an hour earlier if you can’t.  You’ll clock up plenty of extra hours in your sleep-bank as a result.  The benefits of being well rested include feeling great, brighter eyes, better skin and more energy.
  2. Ditch processed food. Eat clean for two or three weeks and reap the benefits.  Sticking to unprocessed foods is terrific for your body and gives your liver a break, which leads us neatly onto…
  3. Cut right back on alcohol. If you choose to drink alcohol, then the chances are that you’ll drink a little more over the Christmas period than usual.  Get your liver in good shape by cutting out any alcohol now so you can enjoy a couple of guilt-free glasses over the holidays.
  4. Walk to the shops.  Cycle to work.  Go hiking, take a yoga class or play a sport.  Get your body moving and you’ll feel the benefits all over.
  5. Drink lots of water. Hugely important all year round, but definitely during the holidays.  Staying hydrated is vital to health.  Tyent Water hydrates you faster and delivers a slew of minerals, antioxidants and precious hydrogen at the same time.  If you want to look and feel great at any special gatherings or parties this year, then Tyent Water is your best friend!
It's time to celebrate. Family toasting with water!
Cheers to Tyent Water!

Pretox for the Detox?

The other thing about taking a pretox is that it actually makes detoxing easier when you get around to it, but more about that in January!

Share Your Ideas!

Do you have any awesome Pretox ideas?  We’d love to hear them, so please share!

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