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Under Counter Water Ionizing Machines

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Tyent UCE-13 Water Ionizer Image

Tyent UCE-13 Water Ionizer

Regular Price: $5,995.00 Sale Price: $3,995.00 Buy Now
Tyent UCE-13 PLUS Water Ionizer - Satin Silver Metal Faucet Image

Tyent UCE-13 PLUS Water Ionizer - Satin Silver Metal Faucet

Regular Price: $6,995.00 Sale Price: $4,795.00 Buy Now
Tyent UCE-11 Water Ionizer Image

Tyent UCE-11 Water Ionizer

Regular Price: $4,995.00 Sale Price: $3,495.00 Buy Now
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Have you heard about the incredible benefits of ionized water? Tyent USA is home to state-of-the-art water ionization technology, and our under-counter water ionizers are revolutionizing the industry. What sets our under-counter water ionizer machines apart from the rest? When faced with the decision between solid and mesh plates, our engineers innovated a unique solution that offers the best of both worlds. Our solid/mesh hybrid plates are at the cutting edge of ionization technology, and they dramatically increase the amount of surface area available for electrolysis. Our two most popular under-counter water ionizing machines include the UCE-11 and the UCE-13 PLUS ionizer models.

Our UCE-11 under-counter water ionizers feature eleven of the largest plates in the industry, but we didn’t stop there. These large plates are made from medical-grade titanium and dipped multiples times in platinum to ensure durability, which also allows you to enjoy higher pH alkaline water with a better negative oxidation reduction potential (ORP). Every UCE-11 we offer includes touch-type automatic water supply and adjustable presets with 55 power levels to choose from. We also implemented “Ultra Plus” filtration with dual filters that remove contaminants such as sediment, chlorine, chloramines, and metals from your unique source water.

Our UCE-13 PLUS under-counter water ionizer machine features 13 of our large solid/mesh hybrid plates, 99 presets per level, and max amperage to provide the highest levels of healthy antioxidants available. This smart machine features three alkaline levels and three acidic levels to help you ease into the routine of drinking ionized water. Our customers love the advanced interactive touchscreen because they can easily adjust pH levels or user settings to suit any application. Neutral pH water is ideal for eating, making baby formula, or taking medications.

Are you tired of spending more for organic fruits and vegetables? You can easily remove herbicides and pesticides by using our under-counter water ionizing machines. Acidic and alkaline water are also used for cleaning or sterilizing applications throughout the home. Although our under-counter water ionizers are designed to complement the rest of your kitchen décor, the convenience of under-counter installation allows you to save on valuable counter space.

Best of all, both under-the-counter models are backed by our lifetime warranty with no stipulations and zero fine print. Lead a happier, healthier life by drinking and using ionized water. If you have any questions about our water ionizers, please contact our highly trained customer support representatives for additional information.

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Under Counter Water Ionizer By Tyent USA

Under-the-counter water ionizer – an under-counter ionizer is simply the best type of water ionizer for those who do not want any type of appliance on the countertop, ionizer or otherwise. The Tyent Ionizer Company makes the most modern-looking under-counter ionizer called the UCE-11 Under-Counter Extreme Water Ionizer. This water ionizer comes complete with an easy-to-use ionizer interface, so that you can get ionized alkaline water quickly at the touch of one ionizer button. Read more.

This Tyent Ionizer Company Exclusive will fit discretely under your counter. Plus, this under-counter ionizer version from the Tyent Ionizer Company offers the same functionality and produces the same high- quality alkaline water that you can expect from the top ionizer brand.

Special note:
The Tyent Ionizer Company is the only ionizer company to offer a smart-phone-inspired under-the-counter water ionizer. The Tyent Ionizer Company’s 11-plate ionizer is the top selling ionizer in the under-counter series, but the 9-plate under-counter version still easily beats out competitive ionizer brands. Check out the Tyent Ionizer Company’s UCE-9000 Turbo under-counter ionizer and our UCE-11 Extreme countertop water ionizer models.

If you are still learning about the differences between what the Tyent Ionizer Company’s series of ionizers offer compared to other ionizer brands, then check out the Tyent Ionizer Company free ionizer eBook entitled “The Water Ionizer Buyer’s Guide.” You can download this ionizer guide instantly and at no-charge. It really simplifies the differences between all ionizer brands. You can download your copy of the 2014 Water Ionizer Buyers Guide now.

Some other great ionizer resources are available for you to help you decide which ionizers are popular with the press and with celebrities. Checkout Reviews on Alkaline Water Ionizers from Tyent.

Here are some ionizer media clips that feature some of the Tyent Ionizer Company’s ionizers:
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