3 Ways Alkaline Water Helps You Stick to Your Resolutions!

Did you make any New Year Resolutions for 2023? How’s your progress so far? After the rush of motivation for making positive changes to your life as the old year turns into the shiny new one, many of us start to flag a little as the initial buzz wears off. In fact, according to statistics, around 23% of New Year resolutions are broken in the first week!

But guess what? Tyent Alkaline Water can help you to glide through the tricky why-did-I-even-start-this patch and ace your resolutions! Check out the three ways that alkaline water has your back this January!


3 Ways Alkaline Water Helps You Stick to Your Resolutions


1. Alkaline Water Helps You to Stay Fit!

Here’s a fact that probably won’t surprise you one jot – the majority of New Year Resolutions focus on health and fitness. In fact, over 50% of resolutions are connected to getting fitter or stronger.

If you’re one of the millions of people who have set health and well-being goals this year, you need alkaline water! Countless sports professionals and famous athletes know that the best thing you can keep in your gym bag is a bottle of Tyent Alkaline Water. It’s packed with natural molecular hydrogen, which delivers a burst of energy to every cell in your body to help you get more from your workout, every time you drink it.


2. Alkaline Water Helps You Get a Good Night’s Sleep

You want to stick to your resolutions, but to do so – whatever your challenge is – you need to feel resilient and strong. A good night’s sleep, every night, is the cornerstone of feeling on top of your game and getting the most out of life. One key reason is that Tyent Alkaline Water hydrates you thoroughly, with less water. What’s more, drinking ionized alkaline water gives you longer-lasting hydration than with regular tap or bottled water. That means fewer trips to the bathroom during the night, and a peaceful, more refreshing night’s sleep.


3. Alkaline Water and a Water Ionizer Can Help You to Save Money!

The holidays can prove to be an expensive time and many people tighten their belts in the New Year and try to save money and live more frugally.

Here’s one way to do it – installing a water ionizer at home can save you hundreds of dollars every year. Apart from the money saved from drinking alkaline water and NOT buying bottled water, you can also replace these household products with Acidic Turbo Water from your Tyent Ionizer machine:

How much do these products cost all year round? Think of the savings you can make – you’ll succeed with a money-saving New Year resolution without even trying!

Tyent offers customer-friendly budgeting options to make a water ionizer affordable for everyone – check out our financing deals here.


Your New Year Resolutions!

Have you made any New Year Resolutions for 2023? Feel like sharing them? Do you have your own awesome tips for sticking to your New Year Resolutions? We’d love to hear what motivates you most!


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