America’s Water Crisis: Now In Cinemas

In polarizing times, it can be good to have things that bring us together. But not always.

There’s a common characteristic that tens – possibly hundreds – of millions of Americans share: our drinking water is contaminated with carcinogenic PFAS (Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances).

Will Hollywood help to get the word out about the Water Crisis?

The statistics are mind-boggling. While officials and politicians attempt to oscillate between publicly minimizing the risk and attempting to deal with it, more Americans carry on drinking contaminated water.

Hollywood’s Role

With its finger firmly on the pulse, Todd Haynes’ film Dark Waters opened just before Thanksgiving. It lays bare the story of a lawyer representing a cattle farmer from Parkersburg, West Virginia; who believes his land, animals and family are being poisoned by a nearby landfill.

The site in question is operated by corporate giant DuPont, which has been dumping toxic chemicals there for years. There are clear parallels to be drawn with the hugely successful 2000 film, Erin Brockovich and the titular character’s mission to expose the twin evils of corruption and deadly contamination.

EWG: It’s a National Crisis

Dark Waters is a stark, angry and thought-provoking film. You might leave the cinema with a swelling sense of how justice must be made to prevail and finally… finally…those faceless, dark corporations will be brought to account. However, films – no matter how emotionally powerful – cannot create the sea of change that’s needed.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) doesn’t throw phrases like ‘national crisis’ around like rice at a wedding. America has a big problem with its water. We can’t solve it overnight, but we can follow the EWG’s advice to protect ourselves from contamination.

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